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"So," you ask, "What is GO2 Print Media Group?"
We're glad you asked.

We are a full-service print solutions group. We take your marketing hopes and dreams and help you make them reality – by producing and delivering materials and products in ways that get results.

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Our history tells our story.

In the early 1990s, a couple of guys from Minneapolis - both printing industry veterans - set out to build a printing services company that rivaled all others. They saw a tremendous opportunity for a production company that was finally able to combine speed, variety, cost-effectiveness and unmatched service.

JB Graphics was born. We called it your "one source print production" company. And it was.

Over time the company grew and, along the way, a funny thing happened. Our clients liked our print work so much that they began asking us to handle other critical production functions. In no time, we were providing design, printing, digital media duplication, direct mail and fulfillment services to an ever-expanding number of clients. It was (and is) great fun.

Recently, after spending years helping clients enhance their market presence and position, we realized the time had come for our own upgrade. But what to rename our company?

After several creative meetings, it hit us: our current clients always refer to us as their "go-to" guys and gals. Voila! GO2 Print Media Group.

The name truly fits. We serve a diverse group of clients, from tech start-ups to multi-billion dollar corporations and everything in-between. Our services encompass all aspects of print design and production, as well as promotional items and apparel to freight/logistics and trade show materials.

Here’s the bottom line: we have grown, and so has our commitment to our clients. We tell it like it is. No false promises or missed deadlines. When we tell you it will be done you can bank on it.

That’s not a boast, it’s our business.

Give us a call today at 763-479-3070 and see what it’s like to have your own GO2 guys.

Calm. Cool. Connected.